Sport Safety Specialist Certification

Athletic trainers:
You know your athletes.
But do you know the standard of care?

What is the Sport Safety Specialist Certification?

The Sport Safety Specialist certification program has been created by SSI to identify qualified individuals who have met the knowledge objectives in SSI’s Sport Safety Risk Management educational programs.

Why is Sport Safety International offering a Sport Safety Specialist certification?

Athletic Trainers

Athletic trainers (ATs) are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. As professionals entrusted with the safety and care of the patients they serve, it is critical that ATs stay up-to-date with the current standard of care.

The Standard of Care

The standard of care in the athletic training profession is based largely upon position and consensus statements that have been released by organizations such as the National Athletic Trainers’ Association. These published statements are peer-reviewed, and represent the current state of the art and science of the practice of athletic training for a given condition or issue.

The Problem

Although it is each AT’s ethical and professional responsibility to stay up-to-date on the statement recommendations and conclusions, research indicates that only a fraction of the profession take the time to read each position statement or review them on a regular basis. And while this information is included in an AT's undergraduate and graduate education, new statements are released and updated on an almost annual basis. If fact, many ATs practicing today received their initial certification before these position statements ever existed.

Our Solution

The Sport Safety Specialist program was created to help educate ATs on the current standard of care. Based on these position and consensus statements, as well as other industry-recognized guidelines, the course content covers important information every athletic trainer needs to know. ,Successful completion of the program means that the AT has met the knowledge objectives established for each course. ATs holding the Sport Safety Specialist certificate are professionals that have made a deliberate choice ensure they know the standard of care in athletic training, and have focused on sport safety in their professional development.

Who is eligible to become a Sport Safety Specialist?

While anyone can take the online courses included in the program, only certified or licensed athletic trainers are eligible for certification at this time.  Specific sport safety educational programming for other professionals may be available in the future.


What is included in the Certification?

Online Continuing Education Courses: The initial training program includes the first five EBP courses:

  • EBP1: Emergency Planning in Athletics
  • EBP2: Environmental Conditions
  • EBP3: General Medical Conditions
  • EBP4: Sports Medicine Management and Pediatric Overuse Injuries
  • EBP5: Concussion Management
    Each of these courses is approved by the Board of Certification, Inc., for Evidence-Based Practice credit (a total of 10.0 hours)

Comprehensive Exam

Upon completion of all five courses, candidates will complete an online comprehensive final examination for certification.

Digital Certification

Upon successful completion of all five courses and the certification examination, the candidate will be issued a digital certification. This digital certification can be printed, shared electronically, and easily shared via social media (i.e. LinkedIn) at the touch of a button.  SSI encourages ATs who become certified to use the SSS-AT  designation as part of their professional credentials.  Certification is valid for two years, and must be renewed prior to expiration.  Click here for an example of the digital certificate.

Listing on the Sport Safety Specialist Registry

Sport Safety Specialists are also listed in a searchable online directory for the duration of their certification.

Use of Sport Safety Specialist Mark

Ability to use the SSI Sport Safety Specialist logo on clothing, business cards, promotional items.

Discounts on other SSI products and services

You will receive a unique discount code that you can use for discounts on online education courses and other products and services.


How do you become a Sport Safety Specialist?

For individuals who have purchased one or more of the SSI EBP courses:

  • Purchase the remaining Sport Safety Specialist courses not already purchased
  • Complete all five courses
  • Complete the comprehensive examination
  • Submit an image of your AT credential online
For individuals who have never taken an SSI EBP course:

  • Purchase the Sport Safety Specialist package
  • Complete all five courses
  • Complete the comprehensive examination
  • Submit an image of your AT credential online

How do you maintain your Sport Safety Specialist certification?

To renew the Sport Safety Specialist certification, one must complete a recertification pack prior to expiration. Recertification packs include two to three courses that total five to six hours of continuing education. All courses included in the recertification pack are also approved by the Board of Certification, Inc. for Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) credit.

What does it cost to become a Sport Safety Specialist?

• Initial Sport Safety Specialist package w/ certification: $399
• 2-year renewal: $99