Systematic Movement Assessment: Is It Worth It?


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Fundamental movement ability (i.e. the dynamic relationship between core stability, balance, and coordination (11) is associated with overall injury risk in a physically active population.(13) Despite high performance levels, patients may demonstrate pre-existing, inefficient fundamental movements, limiting the maximum effect of their training and/or rehabilitation. The adoption of a systematic movement assessment to identify those patients who display disability or dysfunction in fundamental movement ability is a critical component of a comprehensive injury prevention program. Identifying inefficient and/or dysfunctional movement prior to the initiation of a training or rehabilitative program may serve to increase the efficacy of the program, decrease the risk of future injury, enhance performance, and/or increase quality of life.(5,6) While a variety of screening tools exist(1-10,12) questions remain regarding the usage(8) and ability of the available systematic movement assessment techniques to predict injury and as such, their clinical usefulness.(1,7) The purposes of this presentation are to review the major screening techniques/protocols documented in the literature, explore the evidence linking their ability to predict injury (e.g., reliability, validity, predictive ability), and highlight the role of movement screening in comprehensive injury prevention and performance enhancement programs.

1. Identify the purposes of systematic movement assessment (movement screening) techniques.
2. Describe the benefits of using systematic movement assessment for identifying areas of potential injury.
3. Compare and contrast various systematic movement assessment techniques.
4. Compare and contrast the reliability, validity, and predictive value of systematic movement assessment techniques.

Level of Difficulty: Advanced
Practice Domain: Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis, Therapeutic Interventions, Injury/Illness Prevention and Wellness Protection

This course was developed specifically for athletic trainers.

The course is delivered online using an video/audio format.

Sport Safety International (BOC Approved Provider #: P8228) is approved by the Board of Certification, Inc. to provide continuing education to Certified Athletic Trainers. This program is eligible for a maximum of 1 Category A hours/CEUs.

This course is valid for two years from the date of purchase.


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