Sports Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals Bundle


Sports Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals - Part 1

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Sports Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals - Part 2

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Sports Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals - Part 3

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Product Description

Save with this 3-course bundle.  Approved for 7.0 Category A CEUs.

This course helps health and fitness professionals develop the knowledge needed to integrate the science of nutrition into their practices and explore the role of sports nutrition with clients. Through dynamic, organized chapters, it incorporates essential information on how to educate clients about the relationship between nutrition and exercise.

Part 1 includes – From Food to Fuel
Vitamins, Minerals, Electrolytes, and Water
Dietary Guidelines, General Nutrition Recommendations, and Federal Nutrition Policy

Part 2 includes – Optimizing Sports Performance
Fundamentals of Exercise Physiology and Nutrition
Nutrition Strategies for Optimal Athletic Performance
Exercise, Thermoregulation, and Fluid Balance
Nutritional Strategies for Competitive Endurance, Strength, and Power Athletes
Nutritional Supplements and Ergogenic Aids

Part 3 includes – Evaluation of Nutritional Status
Nutrition and Body Composition Coaching and Assessment

At the conclusion of the course, the reader will be able to:

• Describe the role of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the human body.
• Identify the role of nutrients and electrolytes in athletic performance.
• Categorize micronutrients and their role in maintaining quality health.
• Summarize dietary guidelines.
• Recognize components of a nutritional label.
• Describe common dietary supplements for weight loss and performance.
• Identify substances that are dietary supplements.
• Describe nutritional information influencing performance for endurance and strength sports.
• Summarize the role of protein, carbohydrates and fats as sources of fuel.
• Identify the components of the metabolic pathway.
• Recognize nutritional needs for pre-exercise, exercise and post exercise.
• Discuss importance of hydration.
• Describe the benefits and limitations of assessing body composition.
• Identify correct procedures on performing body composition assessments.
• Describe how to collect nutritional data for analysis.


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