Evidence in the Management of Sport-Related Concussion


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Managing the care of an athlete who has a protracted recovery from concussion can be a very frustrating endeavor-for the provider, the athlete, the school, the family, etc. The purpose of this session is to provide athletic trainers with the most recent empirical evidence surrounding protracted recovery from concussion. This will include: (1) reviewing how new research informs the return-to-play and return-to-learn management strategy, (2) outlining findings from neurophysiological/neuroimaging research and applying these findings to our understanding of concussion recovery and treatment, (3) discussing risk factors for protracted recovery that have been identified in the literature, and how these factors affect management, (4) describing available treatments for protracted concussion symptoms and supporting evidence, and (5) presenting an outline for the evaluation and management of protracted concussion recovery based on empirical evidence and clinical expertise.

1. Describe elements of past medical history, initial presentation and measurable deficits that are risk factors for protracted recovery from concussion.
2. Discuss available empirically supported treatments for protracted symptoms of concussion.
3. Develop an empirically-informed management strategy for athletes who have protracted recoveries from concussion as it may apply to your individual setting.
4. Describe basic findings of recent neurophysiologic and neuroimaging research about concussion injury and recovery.
5. Discuss the principles of Evidence Based Practice as they apply to your interpretation of published concussion studies, and ways to apply your knowledge to practice.

Level of Difficulty: Advanced
Practice Domain: Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation

This course was developed specifically for athletic trainers.

The course is delivered online using an video/audio format.

Sport Safety International (BOC Approved Provider #: P8228) is approved by the Board of Certification, Inc. to provide continuing education to Certified Athletic Trainers. This program is eligible for a maximum of 2.75 Category A hours/CEUs.

This course is valid for two years from the date of purchase.


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